PROJECT Porsche 911 2.7RS Restoration
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We consider ourselves privileged to continue to be asked to restore and repair any original rare Porsche models, of which the 73 RS is right up there amongst the top tier . Often this involves putting right some of the work carried out on the cars from many years previous when they were not such the commodity they are today. In the case of this RS, on first glance you might wonder why we are taking off a perfectly good solid steel roof.. (43 images)

What arrived at the workshop was a very yellow, 73RS. Our mission was to restore her to past glory and carry out one significant remedial modification

Not usually first on the list is the removal of a perfectly good solid steel roof. Often the top item to be added to a car with the removal of the heavy sunroof cassette and mechanism in an effort to shed lbs and achieve a more lightweight look, not this car.

With some careful analysis our job was to remove the roof entirely but without touching what was the original roof frame and gutters which would have entailed peeling back all the original roof joins.

Instead we were looking to remedy work previously done to seal up the original roof and turn the car from a sunroof equipped model into a lightweight spec car.

Originality to the factory specification is desirable especially for the rarer models .

Once back to its correct roof spec the RS was prepared for a full re-paint back to factory color.

Although hands up, I am struggling to get the pictures in the right order. bear with!

Having the correct spec roof she is in a far better place than carrying the modified pseudo single skin steel roof.

The devil is in the details especially when it comes to replacing the factory decals on a #911RS.

Left a little, to me, to you etc.

If you are going to do it, do it right! The factory manuals are there to ensure you dont mess it up.