1984 Porsche 911 Targa

We purchased this car recently to backdate with a few quirky add-ons. It will have upgraded brakes and suspension and the front and rear will be backdated to pre-73 style. It will have a complete strip down, engine out. The interior will be stripped out and redone in leather with a few quirky upgrades.

Once complete the car will be for sale. Already interested ? – please get in touch.

The next set of photos show the front and rear panels being removed to make the car look like a pre-73 model. Removing rear impact bumper mountings. Welding captive nuts in place to take new bumpers

Car is put on a spit, turned upside down and the old underseal removed. Re-stone chip and paint body colour.

Holes drilled in engine lid to take the new badges.

Car is now in spray booth getting prepped ready for paint.

Now we are at the stage where we can start reassembling: putting all the new parts on and getting it ready for its interior.

Engine detailing all done and ready to go back in car.

New transfer is now applied.

New wheels have arrived. We have just had these stripped, powder coated black and diamond cut, and re powder coated in clear lacquer.