CDI Boxes and Fuse Boxes

Here we are fitting a classic retro fit CDI box upgrade to a 1971 911 T. We are also agents for these CDI boxes, fuse boxes, and air conditioning units.

Fitting Transfers

This is how we fit our transfers to an RS engine lid. We find this a much easier way and make sure everything is nice and straight and in the right place.

In The Paint Shop

This is a right hand drive 911 E that we’re in the process of restoring from the ground up at the moment, in Signal Orange. We will put more photos up of this build under our restoration page later on in the year.

Found Behind A Pub

Found behind a pub, had been parked there for 10 years. A rare Martini 3 litre Carrera. We restored this car back to what it is today but it’s one of those you wish you’d never sold.