This is a Porsche 911 930 Turbo Cabriolet, it was found in a barn and it had been there for 28 years. It had been converted from left to right hand drive but we are going to change it back to as it should be. The car will be stripped down to the bare shell and started again, the reason it was left in the barn was because someone had a bad accident in it where it had been completely smashed all down the nearside and had the back wheel ripped off. The underside of the car however is in very good condition with very little rot on the actual tub itself and the roof is also in very good condition. We are going to be taking the engine and gearbox out to rebuild and we will also be cutting the whole front end out, we’ve already bought a front end and were going to unstitch it all and put it back in as factory. We will be posting more photos over the next few weeks so you can see the progress we’ve been making with it and we will be adding a video to the “Videos” page very soon so that you can see a full walk around of the car.