Being time served restoration experts we perform all aspects of Porsche restoration in-house. One proviso being the comprehensive acid striping of bodyshells (since, its very messy and specialised!) though we do regularly perform media blasting of shells to customers preferences. We perform all work to exceed factory standards and are proud of the results achieved. Accident damage repair forms a large portion of our work and we are happy to repair and restore all aspects of damage occuring through enthusiastic and regular use, to any model of Porsche, please do feel free to contact us for an quote.

Whilst we often recieve commissions to fully restore historic Porsches and significant collectable vehicles we routinely repair and restore a large number of enthusiast owned Porsches. Our skills apply to the entire Porsche model range from the very earliest car to the most up to date model. We apply the same levels of quality, skill and attention to detail to every job and ensure customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.

We have a range of celette jigs available should a vehicle need restoring back to factory specification as a result of an impact. Beyond this we perform all aspects of metalwork repair, replacement and fabrication in house and we often undertake fabrication and restoration work for many of the other well known UK restoration specialists.

Ultimately we are enthusiasts just like you so no-matter which Porsche you own or the level of work you may require, please do feel very free to get in touch as we enjoy growing our network of customers and friends.We also have some of the best roads and scenery in Europe through which to drive making a visit to our facilities a unique experience in itself!